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Transforming how your finance function for your Lending Business

Virtual CFO Services provided by NBFC Advisory

Our Expert Virtual CFOs will help you in designing & managing loan portfolios & product structuring for your NBFC, along with providing an accurate ROI Analysis.

With our VCFO team onboard for your NBFC, vcfo will update you with accounting and financial statement analysis and the monthly review on various concerns of Management.

Our Virtual CFOs are professional regarding RBI, MCA, FEMA, and other authority Compliances. Setting up and reviewing your compliance calendar is our VCFOs job.

By exploring all options to raise funds via external and domestic financial institutions, Securitization with Banks/NBFCs, Assignment of portfolios, Liasoning with FIs etc., Virtual CFOs will help you out.

Loan Agreements, Legal Agreements, MoUs, Structured Finance with Third Parties, Securitization Agreements with Banks/NBFCs. All you need is our VCFO to handle all these documents, and you are good to go.

The professional team of our Virtual CFOs doesn’t limit themselves to all those activities but are also keen on being responsive to the RBI notifications and updating those changes timely.

Why your NBFC need a Virtual CFO?

The position of the CFO has evolved beyond compliance and quality control to business planning and process adjustments, and they are a strategic partner to an NBFC. The CFO has a significant impact on corporate strategy.

Virtual Chief Finance Officers assist in developing, implementing, and controlling the financial strategy of your NBFC. The Virtual CFO is responsible for maximising the NBFC’s return on investment while utilising the NBFC’s financial resources in the most cost-effective manner possible. VCFO also assists in the general supervision and day-to-day management of the finance department, as well as plays a lead role in capital raising and lending strategy creation and implementation.

Benefits of Virtual CFO

  • 360-degree value creation Deliver beneficial results from crucial areas to field operations and widen finance’s impact across your NBFC by assessing possibilities that benefit customers, personnel, communities, and the environment.
  • Transformation route for the future Accelerates the transition of personnel, operations, and platforms to your desired future-ready state by anticipating what changes to make and how to make them, allowing you to select the most direct path to your future-ready NBFC.
  • Predictive viewpoint See beyond your NBFC horizon with integrated data platforms and robust scenario modelling to steer your business in shifting market dynamics swiftly and confidently answer important ‘what if’ questions.
  • Risk and resiliency Maintain the momentum of your NBFC plan by getting insight into the linked dynamics creating challenges to your NBFC, so you can prepare to minimise weaknesses and dangers to your resilience.

Get Virtual CFO for NBFCs Now !!

We at NBFC Advisory are your true partners for your NBFCs growth. From providing a licence for your NBFC to Monitoring and providing legal and strategic advisory for your Non-Banking Financial Company, our experts are there for the overall development of all you need for your NBFC.

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