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Navigating the World of Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs)

In the intricate tapestry of the investment world, Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) stand out as a beacon for diversification and growth. These funds, while relatively new, have become a cornerstone for investors seeking non-traditional avenues. This comprehensive guide, curated by FinGuru, aims to shed light on the nuances of AIFs, their regulatory framework, and their…

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Technology Revolutionizing Credit Risk Underwriting in the NBFC Sector

The NBFC sector has undergone a significant transformation in the lending landscape with the advent of digitalization. Automation has revolutionized various aspects of NBFC operations, such as customer acquisition and verification. However, the credit risk underwriting process, which determines the borrower's creditworthiness, is still heavily reliant on manual assessment in many NBFCs. This manual approach…

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Major RBI Regulations Disrupting Fintech in 2022

The Indian FinTech ecosystem demonstrates uniqueness. Its growth is propelled and determined by numerous factors and the involvement of a myriad of stakeholders, including founders, startups, a vast customer base, institutions, and government & regulatory bodies, to name a few. Fintech is flourishing like never before in India. That's attributable to an ultra-modern digital infrastructure,…

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How is blockchain changing/revolutionizing the fintech industry?

Gone were the days when blockchain technology was only associated with cryptocurrency. Now, many industries, like healthcare, insurance, logistics, medicine, entertainment, etc., are trying to harness the advantages of this new and evolving technology, and fintech, as an evolving industry that entirely depends on technology, does not want to lag in any way. Fintechs are…

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Payment Aggregator

What is a Payment Aggregator, what are the benefits, How it works, and How to get registered with RBI?

Introduction Payment or merchant aggregators are third-party service providers allowing payment through several gateways without a merchant account with a bank or card association. PayPal was the first to offer such a service in 1998. Traditionally this has been quite a manual and muddled process to negotiate with each bank, card provider, and other financial institution. Aggregators…

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What role does VCFO play in a finance company?

What does VCFO stand for? The acronym for Virtual Chief Finance Officers is becoming popular as it provides freedom to hire financial roles with redeemable contracts.  A Virtual CFO assists in day-to-day supervision and management of the finance department and helps in capital raising, lending strategies, and implementation. Many companies are already delegating their operations…

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