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Navigating the World of Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs)

In the intricate tapestry of the investment world, Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) stand out as a beacon for diversification and growth. These funds, while relatively new, have become a cornerstone for investors seeking non-traditional avenues. This comprehensive guide, curated by FinGuru, aims to shed light on the nuances of AIFs, their regulatory framework, and their…

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Technology Revolutionizing Credit Risk Underwriting in the NBFC Sector

The NBFC sector has undergone a significant transformation in the lending landscape with the advent of digitalization. Automation has revolutionized various aspects of NBFC operations, such as customer acquisition and verification. However, the credit risk underwriting process, which determines the borrower's creditworthiness, is still heavily reliant on manual assessment in many NBFCs. This manual approach…

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Payment Aggregator and Payment Gateway difference and compliance

Introduction Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected people's comfort levels with digital technology. The 'new normal' of payment reached 70 billion transactions in 2022, which was 44 billion in 2021. This has created opportunities for new entrepreneurs and small businesses. And finding the right method of the payment transaction is a vital…

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RBI’s recent notifications: Impacts on NBFCs in 2023

Introduction As we know, NBFCs are performing an imensive job by providing credit facilities to specific niche sectors, viz., infrastructure and unbanked sections of the economy — thus, driving financial inclusion in India. And the sector has reported a total annual growth of almost 18% over the previous few years and is expected to maintain…

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